Custom Spiral Bevel Gear

Bevel gears are used for the power transmission between non-parallel shafts. In general, shafts are in a 90-degree position. Cone-shaped bevel gears are produced for the power transmission between these shafts.

Bevel gears can be also used for only changing the rotation direction of power transmission which are called miter gears. For miter gears, input and output bevel gears have the same number of teeth.


Custom Spiral Bevel Gear is through shafts that are typically at an angle of 90 degree to each other. This functionality is useful in a wide range of applications from cordless hand-tools to automotive transmissions.  The prime-mover location is not coaxial with the driven shaft. This chapter introduces bevel gears and the ANSI/AGMA 2003-B97 Standard that provides a conservative means for estimating the bending and contact stress in straight, zerol and spiral bevel gears and comparing the merits of different design proposals.

Custom Spiral Bevel Gear is with precise machining process, heat treated and can meet 6 grade precision gear stands

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