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Metal design services and metal fabrication services

When you need a company to create custom fabrication parts that are cost-effective, strong and versatile, INFENGDE is your complete design resource to provide metal design services and metal fabrication service. Our modern technology can formulate better products for your clients, because we combine our engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Our custom sheet metal fabrication and design operations have our personnel working regularly with stainless steel, steel, aluminum and sheet metal. thus we will give our best OEM and ODM service for your brands.

Design according to customer samples

Design according to customer sketch

Products design services

Our technical performance and manufacturing expertise is balanced with creativity and design aesthetics. Working from a strategic proposition, ideation and sketching pushes the boundaries to explore the best design options and possibilities. This stage also allows us to cost-effectively grapple with big product design challenges early on.

Tube bends
Multi pipe bends
Welded sheet metal part

Packaging design services

Reasonable packing methods. Generating viable concept imagery in the early stages also supports project communication and buy-in. Design sprints can involve teams and stakeholders with the innovation process, making the most of visualisations and basic models as an invaluable tool for testing assumptions and clarifying the routes forward.

Box packing design simulation
Pallet packing design simulation
Container loading simulation

We are a OEM / ODM Production Service company.

At Infengde, we are very proud to offer a wide range of services to our customers including a variety of welding services. Also, service and quality are how we have grown and it is why our customers choose to come back to us time and time again. Whether you have a small part or one that incorporates all that we offer, we hope you will consider Infengde.

We accept custom design metal parts and also can assist customers on making engineering drawings. We can make samples for approval before mass production for your steel mandrel bends. Visit our facebook page or linkedin page for more about us. Contact us via email [email protected] for any futher information.