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Mandrel bending service

Infengde do mandrel bending services for local manufacturers and trading companies, with dia. range 1 inch to 5 inches.

The mandrel bends are widely applied in various industrial companies like exhaust pipes, auto parts and other industry products.

Using a mandrel when bending tube is to prevent the tube from flattening and to prevent wrinkles and kinks. But how to achieve this, the mandrel is held in a fixed position, and the tube is pulled over it. The tube stretching process is localized on the outer radius of the bend, and the material is work-hardened to retain its shape and not flatten. Once the material stretching is done on the forward tip of the mandrel. This force, acting on the mandrel tip, supports the inner radius of the bend, holding it firmly into the bend die groove.

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Bend pipe diameter max 5 inch (127mm)

What products we do by mandrel bending?

Exhaust down pipes
Exhaust headers
Exhaust accessories
90 degree aluminum bends
Exhaust mandrel bends
Custom bend exhaust pipes
Truck exhaust system
Truck exhaust accessories
Truck exhaust bends
Bend pipe structural products
Consumer product components
Custom pipe bending service
Industrial components

Mandrel bending equipment

Our company has 6 mandrel bending machines, with diameter from 1 inch to 5 inches. And with professional tooling, we are able to make good quality mandrel bends for you.

EquipmentSpecsDaily capacity
DW-50CNCMax diameter 48mmAbout 600 pcs per day
DW-63NCMax diameter 60mmAbout 400 pcs per day
DW-89NCMax diameter 80mmAbout 400 pcs per day
CSIA-80CNCMax 76.2mmAbout 500 pcs per day
DW-130NCMax diameter 127mmAbout 200 pcs per day
DW-130CNCMax diameter 127mmAbout 300 pcs per day
mandrel bending china manufacturer
mandrel bending china manufacturer

Standard pipe diameters

Imperial standard diameterMetrix standard diameter Imperial standard diameter Metrix standard diameter
1 inch25.4mm2-1/4 inch 57.0mm
1-1/8 inch28.0mm2-1/2 inch 63.5mm
1-1/4 inch32.0mm2-3/4 inch 70.0mm
1-1/2 inch38.1mm3 inch76.2mm
1-5/8 inch42.0mm3-1/2 inch88.9mm
1-3/4 inch45.0mm4 inch101.6mm
1-7/8 inch48.0mm4-1/2 inch 114.3mm
2 inch51.8mm5 inch 127.0mm
2-1/8 inch 54.0mm

Wall thickness:

Regular wall thickness are all avalible, min wall thickness 0.5mm, max wall thickness 5.0mm

Bend Angle:

0 ~ 180°


Min 1.0D

Leg length:

Min 0 inches, regular length 6 inches, max length 78 inches

Surface finish:

Polishing, brushing, electronic polishing, powder coating, painting, electronic coating, plating…etc

mandrel bends drawing
mandrel bends drawing


We are a OEM / ODM Production Service company.

At Infengde, we are very proud to offer a wide range of services to our customers including a variety of welding services. Also, service and quality are how we have grown and it is why our customers choose to come back to us time and time again. Whether you have a small part or one that incorporates all that we offer, we hope you will consider Infengde. We accept custom design metal parts and also can assist customers on making engineering drawings. We can make samples for approval before mass production for your steel mandrel bends. Visit our facebook page or linkedin page for more about us. Contact us via email [email protected] for any futher information.