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Corporation time line

Year EventEstimated Anual Volume
2007 Started business of machining services—–Started the busienss of machining services for local manufacturers $120,000 USD
2011 Started company Ningbo Yinzhou Ying Feng De Mechinary & Electrical Co.,Ltd $310,000 USD
2015 Joined the company of NINGBO GU XUAN AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD—–As to make better sales and better business services, started business of structural frames—–Started welding services, make guard rails and road sign stands, start 5 inch mandrel bending services $450,000 USD
2018 Started project of Link balls—–Started business of make link balls, ball joints for USA customers $660,000 USD
2019 Set up independent company Infengde—–Rename the company to be Ningbo Infengde Machinery Co.,Ltd for exporting to oversea customers $910,000 USD
2020 Set up sales office in South business zone of Ningbo City—–New sales office in South business Zone, two sales people for oversea sales $900,000 USD
2020 Start business of manufacturing services of car exhaust products.$850,000 USD
2022 Finalize 4 production areas: CNC machining, Sheet metal fabrication, Pipe bending and Metal welding
2022 Started business of manufacturing services of diesel exhaust pipes, with diameter from 3 inch to 5 inch