How to find the right exhaust pipe manufacturer in China

There are dozens of manufactures in China, they make exhaust pipes. If you want to find the right exhaust pipe manufacturer for your business, here below are some tips for you

Tip # 1: Find the right exhaust pipe manufacturer, not the best one

It’s very important that not the best supplier is the right supplier for you. For some manufactures, they are big and make good qualtiy. But they might have their own retailing business, then they sometimes might do not care enough about your orders.

Tip # 2: Find the right contact person

The right contact person is very important for your business. For one company has several sales people or even more than 10 sales people there. Choose the one with good manner and knows engineering knowledges. Because most of them have commisions on very orders they received, if you started with one contact person, it’s not easy to change contact person to be another one.

Tip # 3: Choose the factory with proper equipments

The right exhaust manufacturer must has right equipments listed in their website or company presentation. Normally they have pipe bending machines, stamping machines, welders.

If their eqquipments are not for pipe bending and welding, they might will need to subcontact a lot processes out side, that’s not good for quality control.

Tip # 4: Choose the manufacturer, not trading company.

Choose the supplier with company name without “trading, trade, export, import, services” most of these companies are not factories, they are just trading company.

Further more, check the company address, if it located in down town of the city, that means it’s a trading company.

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