Diesel performance exhaust system supplier in China

Diesel performance exhaust system supplier in China

Ningbo Infengde Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional Diesel performance exhaust system supplier in China. We produce good bending quality of 5 inch exhaust pipe. Infengde have been very professional in pipe bending services for some local manufacturers and trading companies.

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Global and China Automotive Exhaust System Industry Report, 2012

Automotive exhaust system belongs to relatively mature industry. The market size of the industry is expected to reach USD31,329 million in 2012. It slightly increasing by 2.8% compared with USD30,486 million in 2011; the figure will attain USD33,250 million in 2013.

In 2012, the much-anticipated China automotive exhaust system market fell through again. As early as Dec.21st 2010, Ministry of Environmental Protection has announced to delay the implementation time of national IV standards. It’s for diesel-driven vehicles above 3.5 tons by one year. However, it further postponed to the implementation to 2012 in 2011. Untill when 2012 came, the implementation was further put off to 2013.

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Ministry of Environmental Protection announced on Aug.1st 2012. Gasoline heavy duty vehicles will formally execute national IV emission standards from Jul.1st 2013. However, as early as 2009, the government has released standard concerning automobile diesel fuels. It regulated that the diesel conforming to national III standard (350ppm sulfur content) has suppliers nationwide from Jul.1st 2011. But, the domestic gasoline companies failed to achieve comprehensive supply up to now. On the other side, the national IV vehicle diesel standard (50ppm sulfur content) has not been officially released yet. Consequently, Ministry of Environmental Protection postponed the implementation schedule. it is the schedule of national IV emission standard for heavy duty diesel-driven vehicles by one and half years to Jul.1st 2013.

The key block for the implementation of new standards is that petroleum enterprises in China. Which fail to reach the comprehensive supply of vehicle diesel fuels conforming to national IV standards. And will release and carry out the new standards by the end of 2013.

The stable recovery of American economy also stimulates the strong development of automotive industry in USA. Especially the light truck and commercial vehicle. Obama Administration issued the final version of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Regulation of 2025 on Aug.28th 2012. It announced the transformation of the draft unveiled in 2011 into formal regulations and provisions. And making American automotive exhaust system market lead the world in future several years.

Automotive exhaust system market in China and German

The strong demand of Chinese market on top grade automobiles also pulls the German automotive industry. It in turn benefits the exhaust system enterprises in Germany. Ebersp?cher and Boysen are the leading automotive exhaust system players in Germany. Benteler mainly engages in the production of steel tubes, and the revenue from automotive exhaust system declined somewhat. Faurecia was encumbered by its biggest client PSA. But, the German market made up the negative effect brought by the decline of PSA.

Infengde accept custom design metal parts and also can assist customers on making engineering drawings. We can make samples for approval before mass production of mandrel bending products.
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