Delete 6.7 powerstroke manufacturer in China

There are many products are from China. Infengde also is one manufacturer focus on diesel performance exhaust pipes and semi truck exhaust pipes. We shall be the best delete 6.7 powerstroke manufacturer for you in China. It’s been a long story since Wong started his small workshop back on 2007. After years of development, the exhaust pipes became to be one of maijor products we produce for customers.

, delete 6.7 powerstroke manufacturer
dpf delete kits
delete 6.7 powerstroke manufacturer
Diesel racing exhaust pipes

Delete 6.7 powerstroke manufacturer with diameter up to 5 inches

There are a lot of pipe bending manufacturers in China, but most of them are not for exhaust pipes. Further more, even less manufacturers are for diesel performance exhaust pipes. Infengde is one of the best that can produce high quality mandrel bending tubes, so you would not be regret to choose us as your manufacturer in CHina. We do fantastic welding of exhaust hooks to the tubes.

dpf delete kits,delete 6.7 powerstroke manufacturer
Mandrel bending of exhaust pipes
Mandrel bends of 5 inch elbows

The pipe bending needs very good skillful workers, good technology of bending toolings. It blocks a lot manufacturers to make mandrel bends with diameter bigger than 88.9mm. which equals to 3-1/2 inch. But most of truck exhaust pipes, diesel performance exhaust pipes needs only 4″ and ” pipe bending.

Why choose us as your manufacturer in China?

Infengde has long history on mandrel bending services, we produce mandrel bend pipes for local exhaust pipes at the beginning of our business. Till 2023, we have good production capacity to produce truck exhaust pipes, diesel performance exhaust and semi truck exhaust pipes.

Let Infengde be your delete 6.7 powerstroke manufacturer

Infengde accept custom design metal parts and also can assist customers on making engineering drawings. We can make samples for approval before mass production of mandrel bending products.
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